Monday, January 15, 2007

No Pants! Subway Ride

People who behave in a non-conformist and silly manner in public are so cool.

Saturday, 13 January 2007, was a great day in New York when over 200 people participated in the sixth annual No Pants! Subway Ride on the 6 line.

The No Pants! Subway Ride was organised by Improv Everywhere which causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. It has accomplished over 60 missions involving hundreds of undercover agents. The group is based in New York City.

See - New York Daily News of 14 January 2007

"We're all going to take our pants off and have a lot of fun," said organizer Charlie Todd, 28, of the Improv Everywhere group. "It's not against the law to wear your underwear!"

Participants gathered at the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station, boarded a 6 train, "de-pantsed" and exited at different stations. Then they reboarded other uptown trains to the shock and amusement of fellow subway riders.

"I'm standing here with no pants on," said Melissa Poles, 31, of Manhattan, who crocheted a blanket while confused onlookers tried to make sense of the stunt. "I'm awesome."

Events like this are great in challenging onlookers/people to question what they consider to be 'normal' behaviour

*Don't forget to check out Shamus for The Ongoing Barks of a Well Read Dog (who is continuing Cammie's legacy)


My human thinks that I yell-meow at him a lot. Well, he nearly slept in today, and it was a work day. And I was also very hungry this morning. Then while he was having his shower, I yelled at him to hurry up so that I could drink the water in the bathtub.

Today was another hot day. We still don't have air-conditioning, which in any case contributes a lot to green house gas emission (climate change) because of the amount of electrity it needs to run, so I am going to suggest to my human about buying one of those portable evaporative coolers.

Tonight we watched not only Smallville but also Supernatural which finally returned to TV. Monday nights are going to be a great TV night.

Boo! Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers who hunt demons


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