Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the black cat

Black cats are cool cats.

Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV show is a black cat.

There are some superstitions involving black cats. In the US and some countries in Europe, a black cat crossing a person's path foretells bad luck. On the other paw, if that happened in Britain or Japan, it would be good luck.

In Scotland, a strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity.

I think black cats are lucky.

*for The Ongoing Barks of a Well Read Dog, check out Shamus (who is continuing Cammie's legacy)


A black cat called Gus turned up at the front porch/doorstep this morning. He was very young. Actually my human decided to name him Gus as I wouldn't tell him Gus' real cat name.

I meowed and yowled at him and warned him that this is my home so he turned around and sat on the driveway for a few minutes where I kept an eye on him from the window. Keeping watch on a black cat is quite boring, so decided to have a nap instead.

My human went to work today and left me alone at home. About time too, as I haven't done any secret cat business like hopping up on furniture without being yelled at, for over a week!



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