Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bangkok - farewell Don Muang, welcome to Suvarnabhumi

Sometime ago, I wrote about the opening of a new railway station in Berlin.

Now for something much bigger. A giant airport.

Flight passengers arriving to and departing from Bangkok will now do so at the brand spanking new Suvarnabhumi Airport which boasts the world's largest single terminal building, at 563,000 sq m, as well as the tallest control tower.

The former Don Muang Airport is now closed.

My human who has passed through the old aiport many times, reckons that it may have been getting old (over 90 years old), but it was cosy and familiar.

Now that the major Asian hubs such as Hong Kong (Chek Lap Kok) and Bangkok have relatively new airports, it won't be long before Singapore decides whether Changi needs to be upgraded.

- Suvarnabhumi Airport
- Bangkok Post news report
- BBC News

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Not much to report today. You know the routine. One different thing that did happen was that when my human returned home from work, Sue B was with him and she came over for a quick cup of tea and approved of the furniture re-arrangement. I didn't even sit on her lap.

That's all.



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