Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!

Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons!
Addle-pated lumps of anthracite!
Dunderheaded coconuts!

These are some of the 'curses' or 'swear words' that Captain Haddock uses. He is Tintin's best friend.

Of course those are the English version. Tintin was originally written in French.

Sous-produit d'ectoplasme!
Porc-épic mal embouché!
Crème d'emplâtre à la graisse de hérisson!

Captain Haddock was very creative with his 'insults' as his creator Hergé could not write in actual swear words.

More - here and also in French

*For more kitty thoughts, check out Camilla.


Today was another boring day, but I enjoyed listening to ABC Classic FM.

Emily came over tonight and she cooked up Hokkien noodles with puff tofu and greens with oyster sauce for dinner. She is a noodle addict. I do like to lay on her lap though.


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