Saturday, September 23, 2006

on Thailand, the United States and democracy

Two very interesting things happened this week.

There was a coup d'etat in Thailand by the military. Army chief General Sonthi Boonyaratglin said the coup was necessary to end intense conflicts in Thailand's society that Prime Minister Thaksin had created.
- CNN 19 September 2006

President George Bush addressed the 61st session of the United Nations General Assembly and spoke at length about democracy and elections.
- President Bush address to UN, White House press release, 19 September 2006

White House spokesman Tony Snow expressed disappointment in the coup hoping the coup leaders restore democracy, by an elected government.
- White House press briefing, 20 September 2006

Thailand has had a long history of military rule since overthrowing the absolute monarchy and replacing it with a constitutional monarchy. Since then, civilian democratic rule has been very fragile and the military has maintained its view that it has a role in maintaining order.
- The Military and Democracy in Asia and the Pacific

Fair elections are very important in a democracy. Elections should also be decided by the people, by counting their votes. One vote one person.

Strange how the US Presidential election of 2000 was decided, not by the people but by the Supreme Court. Separation of power between the executive, legislature and the judiciary? Not when the courts are stacked by executive appointees.
- The Observer (Paul Harris), 7 September 2006

Not only that, the system of vote counting is not tamper proof. Talk about vote rigging. Perhaps UN observers need to attend US elections.
- CNN - The Cafferty File

Hmmm... what was it about stones and glass houses, and black pots and kettles?

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Today was a wonderful day, even if I haven't eaten anything all day. I just haven't felt like eating today.

My human was up very early today and went to the Farmer's Market with Kettle's human Klaudia. He came back with some fresh produce including his three favourite types of bread - Italian crusty, sourdough and pumpkin.

Then Elizabeth (visiting from Melbourne) and Sue B came over for brunch. I talked/meowed to them when they arrived but I don't think they understand cat-speak. At least I sat on their laps. Elizabeth also suggested to my human how to repot the water iris plants (which I later supervised him to complete). After they left, I had a wonderful nap on the couch with my human. When he woke up we didn't watch the other preliminary final football game of West Coast Eagles vs Adelaide Crows on TV. Instead we watched a recording of the 2002 Grand Final. How tragic!

In the evening Merlin's human Kim came over and I sat on her lap, then Nell and Declan came over. The humans had dinner of a retro dish of apricot chicken. I did join in at the dining table (sitting on a chair of course) but not to eat (why use cutlery when you have perfectly good teeth to tear through the food?).

Anyway, I'm going back to my nap now. It is my bedtime.


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