Sunday, August 27, 2006

on Kabbalah (... all I want is some red string)

When I was a younger cat, I used to play with a ball of red yarn. It was a lot of fun until my claws became entangled and the string was put away, never to be seen again.

It seems that kitties are not the only creatures who love red string.

Kabbalah followers can't live without Red String and wear it tied to their wrist.

If I wasn't already a follower of Bastet, the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, I'd be a Kabbalist just for the Red String.

There was an interesting article in The Observer today about Kabbalah
Kabbalah followers wear bracelets of red string around their wrists, supposedly to ward off the evil eye. Although influenced in the past by Freemasonry and the magical 'dark arts', Kabbalah has emerged anew into the glare of Hollywood. But no one knows whether Kabbalah is a benign institution or - as anti-cult activists and orthodox Rabbis claim - a dangerous cult run by charlatans. And no one knows who is really in control of this phenomenal 'spiritual' enterprise, with its 51 Kabbalah Centres worldwide from Rio to Bogota, and 3.5m converts.

You can read more of the article - here ('Hollywood and divine' by Jocasta Shakespeare)

Also - The Kabbalah Centre

I begged for some official Red String, but my human gawked at the US $26 (A $34) price tag. How much is a ball of red yarn worth anyway?

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had another good day today. My human stayed with me all day. Woohoo!

Around midday we watched Short Circuit which may be old now (20 years old) but is a classic. Afterwards, my human fell asleep with me on the couch.

Tonight, while he was ironing two weeks worth of work shirts, we watched Cursed which was really scarey but funny (it's werewolf movie).


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