Monday, August 28, 2006

Fatty, two years on

This is Keiser's human. She has kindly allowed me to write another entry to her blog.

I wish to dedicate this entry to her brother Fatty.

This is a copy of my 'Tail of Devotion to to Fatty' which you can also read on Fatty's Catster page.
You have been gone two years but every day I still think of you and see your photos.

I really miss
- hearing your heavy paw-steps on the wooden floor
- you going through the cat flap using your paws first to ensure it opens
- you intentionally jingling the bell on your collar to announce your presence
- you scratching at any closed doors inside the house to ensure you were not shut out
- you meowing loudly to insist on going outside (supervised) and then inspecting your territory
- you pawing at my nose in the morning to wake me
- you headbutting me to gain my attention
- you grabbing prawns (shrimps) out of my hand, making it known that they were your favourite
- carrying you around in my arms as we walked around
- you listening to me when I talk to you
- you coming to me when I call you, with that fast walk/run and staying by my side
- you already being in bed, on my spot when it is time for sleep
- you greeting me at the door when I come home
- you going under the covers all stretched out with your belly and paws touching me
- you growling at me when I bring you back inside carried in my arms
- cooking your favourite dinner of fresh tuna
- the sound of your bell clinking against your ceramic food bowl
- watching you drink water from your water bowl with your front paws submerged in the bowl
- you sitting on the bath mat while I have a shower and talking to me
- brushing your fur with two brushes and watching your enjoyment
- watching you listening with much pleasure to Puccini's La Boheme
- your loyalty and devotion

Thank you for the years we had together.

Your departure may have broken my heart, but you are still there, always and forever.

Fatty's human

These are the last few photos of Fatty taken on my mobile phone.

It still breaks my heart to see how thin he had become.

I still miss you Fatty.


Blogger KJ's muse said...

Nice to see more photos of Fatty!

Thanks for posting them.

Tuesday, 05 September, 2006  
Blogger Daniel (Keiser's human) said...

Thanks KJ's muse. Those are the very last ones. :(

Tuesday, 05 September, 2006  

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