Thursday, July 06, 2006

Gaza - dispute or occupation?

Sometimes you read an article which sheds light on what is really going on in the world, like this one about the problems in Gaza at the moment - from Maher Mughrabi in The Age (Melbourne).

If Israel recognised that the West Bank and Gaza were occupied, rather than "disputed", two things would follow. First, the Geneva Convention would apply fully to those territories, making it illegal for settler families to move into them and for thousands of Palestinian men, women and children to be taken out to face indefinite "security detention" in Israeli jails. Second, instead of simply talking about a "viable Palestinian state", Israel would have formally acknowledged the existence of a separate entity west of the River Jordan.

Read more from - The Age of 6 July 2006

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


Finally, some visitors! Emily didn't come over last night as she is in Manila (in the Philippines) for work until next week. Thankfully, I had some visitors tonight after being deprived for so long.

Neil came over after work with my human (to help him drink up some of the beer not drunk at the party on 1 June). Then Kettles' human Klaudia came over with keys so that my human can be bossed around by that cat on Saturday in her humans' absence (and for a glass of wine). Then Robert (a new person) came over (to help drink beer).

I laid on Klaudia's lap for a little while until she left as I know Kettles wouldn't mind as she's not much of a lap cat like me. Then I laid on Robert's lap until dinner time which was Mongolian lamb with rice.

I really do like visitors, and I wish my human would issue more invitations on my behalf.


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