Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the ATM

According to Wikipedia, the first electronic ATM (for automatic teller machine, also called cash machine or cash point in the UK) was installed at Enfield Town in North London on 27 June 1967 by Barclays Bank.

After nearly 40 years, using the ATM with a magnetic-stripped card is still not totally safe, with criminals skimming information from the card using card readers attached to machines, and recording PINs (for personal identification number, not PIN number), then creating a duplicate card.

With the development of biometrics, you'd think the banks would be able to incorporate a fingerprint scanner/reader unique to the owner of the card. Of course this would be a problem for immobile people who cannot get to an ATM and let other people use their card on their behalf, but then the bank could allow multiple users of the card by adding and registering another person's fingerprint. That way, they know exactly who has been withdrawing cash.

I'm a cat with paws (and claws) and even I thought of a solution to the problem of ATM fraud.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


After I ate my breakfast this morning, I went straight back to bed. Unfortunately, my human did not take the hint to stay home with me, so after he had his shower, I got out of bed. Thankfully he had treats for me from his lunch making (a sandwich with turkey slices and cheese).

Tonight he had pan fried lamb steak for dinner (I don't understand why he cooks nice smelling food after he has given me my dinner), and I managed to get a few morsels from him.



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