Friday, June 02, 2006

the Visigoths

Early European history is usually about the Romans. You know, the Romans this and the Romans that. Then there were the Huns (as in Attila the Hun).

Most people have never even heard of the Visigoths. They gave the Romans a run for their money (whatever that means, what money? do you know Jeter Harris?).

The Visigoths were Germanic peoples who migrated though modern day Italy, southern France and into modern Spain where they had a bit of a kingdom going. The Visigoths also warred against the Vandals. Now that is another story in itself.

The Visigothic era ended when the Iberian peninsula was conquered by the Moors and the Visigoths who did not convert to Islam fled to the Frankish Kingdom (German not French). Compared to the Romans, they had no manners.

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It was cold, wet and dark today, and I was left home alone with no heating. Hmmpphhh....

When my human returned from work, I demanded dinner, but he served up tinned pink salmon from this morning. No thank you. Thankfully he had bought me some more corn fed chicken (he buys the legs, also known as drum sticks, why are they called that? do you know Jeter Harris?) which he had to cook up. So I waited and waited and proceeded to yell at him to hurry up, then my dinner was served an hour late!

Later on, Merlin's human Kim came over for a simple dinner of bangers, mash and peas. The bangers smelt really good (they were organic beef) but I wasn't allowed any. Double hmmpphh....


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