Friday, May 26, 2006

royals with no royal taste; and Jake

One would think that people of royalty would appreciate the fine things in life, like gourmet food.

The Danish royals, in particular HM Queen Margrethe II, and HRH Prince Henrik unfortunately do not have such a discerning palate.

Their chef of 24 years, Takashi Kondo resigned in disgust over their preference for microwave dinners (and convenience foods) instead of his gourmet meals.

This sets a very bad example to the Danish people, that it is perfectly acceptable to indulge in highly processed foods high in fat and sugar.

Not only that, but Henrik is French (before he became a royal Dane) and owns a vineyard in France.

Some people just don't appreciate the opportunities they have.

See - Sydney Morning Herald

It is with sadness that I report on the passing of Jake, a ginger tom about whom I mentioned on 30 April. Jake finally got his peaceful rest yesterday morning after a painful illness. Jake was a nice and naughty cat who took good care of his humans. They will miss him dearly, and I will miss his messages on Dane when he visits me. Rest in peace, Jake.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I had another boring day at home today. Emily and my human came back earlier than usual after work, but I did not receive my dinner, no matter how nicely I asked! They spent some time out the back in the lock up garage moving boxes and furniture on to a ute (pick up truck). They were then gone for about an hour before finally returning to feed me.

My human told me that Emily has moved to another house where they have no cats. This makes me sad. I loved Emily's lap and cuddles. Sigh!


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