Sunday, May 21, 2006

football - round 8

Football - round 8 and we are winners! Brown and Bradshaw were amazing. Hopefully our winning streak will continue.

PORT ADELAIDE: 4.6, 6.9, 7.13, 10.18 (78)
BRISBANE: 5.3, 9.8, 18.11, 22.15 (147)
GOALSPort Adelaide: Mahoney 3, Ebert 2, Thurstans, Lonie, Tredrea, Deluca, Salopek
Brisbane: Brown 7, Bradshaw 6, McGrath 3, Power 2, Patfull, Notting, Sherman, Corrie
BESTPort Adelaide: Salopek, Symes, C. Cornes, Ebert, Lade
Brisbane: Power, Bradshaw, Brown, B.Scott, Brennan, Akermanis, Moody, Notting, McGrath, Corrie
INJURIES - Port Adelaide: P.Burgoyne (hamstring), C.Cornes (cut eye, blurred vision), Kingsley (hamstring)
CHANGESBrisbane: Leppitsch (calf) replaced in selected side by Patfull
UMPIRES - Meredith, Wenn, Ellis
CROWD - 21,970 at AAMI Stadium

Jason Roe

Jonathan Brown vs Darryl Wakelin

Aker and Brown

Aker vs Warren Tredea

Mal Michael vs Warren Tredea

Beau McDonald up against Fabian Deluca

Joel Patfull

Joel Patfull

After the victory, comes the club song



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