Friday, May 19, 2006

Prodi wants his Italian soldiers back

New Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi wants Italian soldiers withdrawn from Iraq.

Three years ago when the French disagreed with American policy on Iraq the silliness of freedom fries ensued, along with the wasteful disposal of decent French champagne.

How will 'patriotic' Americans react to the news of the Italian withdrawal? Take it as a personal affront?

Perhaps boycott Italian eateries, especially of pizza; boycott cheeses like mozarella and parmesan; consign their Armani, Prada and Versace etc designer clothes to the garbage?


*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


Tonight we are watching the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest on TV.

Monaco - with all that money in Monte Carlo, you'd think they'd give them decent clothes.

Albania - not a bad song. Did you know they too have bagpipes?

Slovenia - he's 20, has a beard and possibly indulging in some fantasy

Andorra - I think they were in a big hurry and so were only partly dressed.


Blogger Gimly said...

I see you didn't comment on croatia. I think they have the worst song this year (btw. i'm croatian)

Friday, 19 May, 2006  

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