Saturday, May 13, 2006

football - round 7

Football - round 7, victorious WOOHOO!

HAWTHORN: 0.0, 4.1, 6.7, 9.12 (66)
BRISBANE LIONS: 4.1, 9.8, 14.9, 16.10 (106)

GOALSHawthorn: Williams 5, Miller, Dixon, Brown, Vandenberg Brisbane Lions: Brown 8, Brennan 3, McGrath 2, Moody, Clark, Bradshaw
BESTHawthorn: Mitchell, Sewell, Brown, Vandenberg, Roughead Brisbane Lions: Brown, Black, Brennan, Charman, Selwood, Rischitelli, Copeland, Power
INJURIES – Hawthorn: Nil
Brisbane Lions: Harding (concussion), J.Macdonald (medial ligament - knee), McGrath (wrist)
UMPIRES - Wenn, Rosebury, Donlon
CROWD - 12,315 at Carrara Stadium

Our team played an away game at Carrara which was the home of our predecessor team, Brisbane Bears (the first QLD team in the national league) before it merged with the Fitzroy Lions (a Victorian team).

Jonathan Brown was amazing, booting EIGHT goals. Not that we saw of course, as the game was not televised (not even delayed) - hmmpphhh. Again we watched blue and red dots on the internet. Actually my human kept an eye on the score while I was watching a film with Emily.


Jonathan Brown

Brown vs Brent Guerra

Jonathan Brown

Brown vs Joel Smith

Aker got into trouble last Sunday and was relegated to the reserve grade, which we won as well.



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