Tuesday, May 09, 2006

meat pies and the football

Australians love meat pies. It is just one of those Australian things, like Chiko Rolls (whose contents are a mystery).

The Australian Consumers' Association did a study on the popular varieties of meat pies and found that the manufacturers' definition of 'meat' is not necessarily what the consumer expects (gristle, bits of lung, blood etc), and furthermore, a meat pie only needs to have 25 percent 'meat'.

Of course everybody already knows that.

See - Choice article

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


My human returned later this afternoon, just in time to give me my dinner. I also meowed and meowed at him, so he gave me a cuddle.

Anyway, I'm back online (thankfully, my human didn't lose the computer).

I had a wonderful time with Emily while my human was away. We had lots of cuddles and Saber's human Lyn came to visit and I hogged her lap. We watched American Pie: The Wedding, and Bride and Prejudice (the latter when Lyn was here).

Meanwhile, my human was catching up with some of his family in Brisbane.

He went to the football game on Sunday with his youngest brother Thomas, Thomas' wife Sarah, and Sarah's cousin Georgia. My human enjoyed watching the live game even if the score was unfavourable. My human took some great photos of the game (see below).

After the game, my human and Thomas and Sarah went to the training ground of the team to meet some of the players. My human spoke to some of them and even took photos. Woohoo!

Not all of the players were there by the time my human left, and he was looking forward to meeting with Michael Voss, Jason Akermanis (who was in big trouble), Simon Black, Jamie Charman, Daniel Bradshaw and Luke Power etc (who also happen to have higher profiles) But my human was glad to meet a few of the others. He told Clark Keating that he was a great player, and joked around with Josh Drummond. He also spoke to Luke Forsyth (who said he was a rookie - new recruit) and they talked about the game. My human told him that it was like watching a train wreck.

Colm Begley (rookie, facing the camera) with a few other players

Josh Drummond (in disguise)

Luke Forsyth and Rhan Hooper (with a few supporters)

Clark Keating (great player)

Josh Drummond (he's a dog person)

Best of all, my human took my team bandana to be signed. I'm so excited still!

My signed bandana - it was Josh Drummond who wrote "Keiser and Go Lions!"



Anonymous Meow said...

Hey Keiser

Wow, you sure love your footy. How much does membership cost?

Wednesday, 10 May, 2006  
Blogger emily said...

hey Keiser, why didn't you post any pictures of your human's family?

Wednesday, 10 May, 2006  

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