Friday, March 31, 2006


臺北101 (or Taipei 101) is the tallest skyscraper building in the world (ground to roof). That record will be surpassed when a few other buildings under construction complete their structures.

It is quite a remarkable looking building.

Link - Wikipedia

Hmmm, the architects of each succeeding tallest building are always men.

Would a woman architect bother with something so phallic? Does size matter?


We missed the total eclipse on this part of the world. If you missed it like us, you can see a video clip from ABC News (US)

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


It rained today and I was cold. My human left me for a few hours to go to a medical appointment and socks shopping in the city. I was so glad he came back and I insisted he sit on the couch so I could lie on his lap, and he complied.

I had a great afternoon napping on his lap. He put on Jason Mraz for me, which I very much enjoyed. My human was rather surprised how much I liked it (granted it wasn't Mozart or Bach).

- Jason Mraz - the official site
- Amazon samplers for album MR. A-Z
- Amazon samplers for album Waiting for my Rocket to Come

In the evening, the humans of that white cat Kettles who lives a few streets away, Klaudia and Sally, came over for dinner of slow cooked pork, and red cabbage and asparagus. As they are also owned by a cat, they fussed and fawned over me. Oh, it was great! I even ended up having a bit of pork as well.


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