Saturday, October 15, 2005


On 13 October, I wrote about "reality" TV, in which I mentioned crap TV shows which are celebrity vehicles for untalented people to become famous for no reason (without mentioning any names, but you can guess who these stupid people are who are also undeservedly famous for being on crap TV).

The oft (mis)quoted adage "a celebrity is someone famous for being famous" is certainly true.

Can the list of celebrities continually expand? Is it a finite list, where new celebrities oust old ones out (who end up bussing tables at diners and cafes)? Do celebrities become 'ex-famous' when they are no longer recognised or when people say 'who' or 'who cares'?

My human told me that he's met quite a few celebrities (chefs, writers, actors etc), and the bigger the ego (or 'star' value) the less nice they are.

(this picture is unrelated to this blog entry and my human won't confirm nor deny meeting said person shown above... heh heh heh)

Here is a really well written article - The Culture of Celebrity: Let us now praise famous airheads by Joseph Epstein in the Weekly Standard

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I didn't get an afternoon nap with my human today!

I did manage to go outside in the morning when the washing was hung out and chewed on some grass. I also enjoyed napping outside on my mat on the deck.

Later in the afternoon, Merlin's humans Kim, Jordan and Liam came over (after a birthday party for Jordan). I kinda watched some of X-Men 2 with Jordan. They had bangers and mash for dinner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that 'famous' actor who I think it is? If so, I met him once too. He is not nice at all.

Wasn't he arrested for soliciting a prostitute once?

Tuesday, 25 October, 2005  

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