Sunday, September 25, 2005

so many movies... how to choose?

I love movies. Even when I find it boring and fall asleep, I still get to lie on my human's lap while he watches. Of course this only applies to movies we watch at home. If my human goes to the cinema, I miss out (much to my annoyance).

With so many movies, one must be discerning with what one chooses to watch. My human and I are guided by friends' recommendations (word of mouth) and movie reviews. By the way, we both get annoyed when people (and kitties) spell recommend with two Cs and one M.

The best movie reviews are those on tv as you also get to see a preview (which is more than just the trailer). In Australia, we take movie reviews very seriously.

My human's favourite is Peter Thompson on the Sunday morning current affairs program called, wait for it... Sunday. Peter Thompson gives the best technical analysis. He really knows his stuff. And his brother is the well known Australian actor, Jack Thomson. Mr Thompson focusses on one movie in his 15-20 minute timeslot which gives him plenty of time to go into the details that others do not.

Then there is the rather odd couple of David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz who have been doing reviews since 1986 (they switched networks). These two sometimes argue a bit and carry on like old women (that is just a phrase and not meant to disparage older female humans). They are Australia's best known movie reviewers, however, my human sometimes thinks they are just a bit pretentious and rather shallow in their treatment.

Since Mr Stratton and Ms Pomeranz ditched their previous network, they were replaced by a younger team who haven't been too bad on The Movie Show. Megan Spencer, Jaimie Leonarda and Fenella Kernebone (unlike the others) are a bit more youthful but still know their stuff. And they are just as critical.

Peter Thomspon's film reviews
At the Movies with David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz
The Movie Show

Of course, I also read the UK Guardian which has excellent reviews and then share this with my human. We discovered Donnie Darko this way.

And if that isn't enough to help with choosing, we also check out Apple - Movie Trailers.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


My human went for a walk to the markets this morning (he muttered something about sausages and oranges), but he came back with some new toys for me. Woohoo! They are stuffed animals with catnip in them. I now have a green dragon called Alex (born 3 October 2001), a blue spotted frog called Josh (born 29 May 2001), and a brown kangaroo called Rachel (born 2 January 2001). Here is a picture.

Speaking of movies, today we watched The Time Machine which was a very liberally adapted version of the H.G. Wells book. It wasn't too bad, but a bit too much was added to the original story, which we accept, as H.G.'s great-grandson was involved in the production.

I also had visitors tonight. The cat-less Margaret and Lisa came over for dinner (they have rabbits instead). They had bangers and mash with peas for dinner. I didn't get any bangers, but I enjoyed sitting on their laps. They also watched a bit of Light Fantastic on tv, which is a documentary about light.


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