Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tumbarumba and other cool places

When we get the local weather report following the news on tv, which includes all of New South Wales (of which Sydney is the capital city), Tumbarumba usually records the highest rainfall.

I think it is a cool name. Tumbarumba is the local tribal name meaning 'sounding ground' which refers to the acoustics of the surrounding hills and mountains which amplifies the thumping noise of kangaroos hopping about.

Where I live, Canberra is named after Kamberra which is the local Ngunnawal word for 'meeting place'.

Other cool place names include:
- Coonabarabran
- Ulladulla
- Murwillumbah
- Yackandandah
- Wangaratta

You know you're talking to a real local Aussie when the names of these towns rolls off their tongue. Imagine a German or Japanese person saying it!

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I thought I was having a visitor today. My human came home about 20 minutes earlier than usual with a friend from work, Malgosia (whom he used to work with - it's a Polish name). She sat down on the couch while my human made some coffee and I hopped straight on her lap. It was fun and I could smell her dog Jack. She told me I was a very sweet cat. But I had to hop off as my dinner was served.

Then they left to go and see a film. I heard something about Little Fish.

Little Fish

Oh hang on. I think I hear him coming to the door. Be right back.

I'm back now, my human told me that the film is really good and if you enjoyed Lantana, you will like this better. It portrays the grittier side of Sydney with characters struggling through life. My human also said that it is also great to have big Australian names returning to quality Australian independent films which are different to the usual Hollywood blockbusters.




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