Monday, June 27, 2005

shopping at Hermes

If I turned up at the Hermes store in Paris and they were closed, I am sure I would not be able to get in either, even though I am just a cat. At least I have good taste.

Neither would my human, whose tastes are okay, but sometimes questionable.

On the other paw, Oprah is rich and famous. That should have made a difference. Don't the French watch Oprah on tv?

Probably not. I wouldn't either if I was French and lived in France, as there are wonderful French programs on tv, especially the very intellectual Arte channel.

Sometimes wealth and fame still won't get you in the door when a shop is shut.

Anyway, my human loves the ties from Hermes.

(I told him that his taste in ties is too conservative)


Monday again. I was left alone during the day. It was cold. I napped. But tonight is Desperate Housewives which also means a big long brush of my fur.


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