Monday, June 13, 2005


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, glamour-puss (noun) means glamorously attractive person.

What a lovely compliment on us cats!

When people are described as dogs... well, I needn't say anymore!


My human stayed home with me all day today (except when he walked to the shops and back). After the last two days of just lounging on the couch watching videos and falling asleep, I didn't get to sit with him much today as he was up and doing chores for most of the day.

I thought he was staying home to keep me company, but no, today was a public holiday for the Queen's Birthday, even though her actual birthday was 21 April. This explains the loud bangs last night which were firecrackers. The poor dogs in the neighbourhood must have been terrified! I didn't send a birthday card to the Queen, as she has never sent me one, so we're even. I wonder if her corgis gave her a present.

It was mostly a sunny day until tonight, when some heavy rains fell. Along with Saturday's rain, the farmers will be happy as we have been in drought for some time.


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