Saturday, December 16, 2006

Earth Hour

On 31 March 2007, Sydney will go dark for one hour between 7.30 and 8.30pm by turning off all the lights as a step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

See - WWF - Earth Hour

What a great idea. What would make it even better is if everybody caught public transport on that day.

Sydney going dark for one hour will make a small difference, but imagine if New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London etc also participated.

*for The Ongoing Barks of a Well Read Dog, check out Shamus (who is continuing Cammie's legacy)


I went to visit the vet today and had to stay there for over an hour. I was given my yearly vaccination, then Ernie the locum (not my regular vet called Rob) examined me.

He felt me carefully and said the growth/lump inside me is the size of a tennis ball. He thought it would be too dangerous to do anything about it.

I also had to get stitches on my back leg as my human accidentally cut me when he was trimming my hind fur last night. The little accident cost him an additional $73.15. Serves him right. I hate having my fur trimmed.

I've just been sleeping most of today and haven't eaten anything at all, not after all the drugs injected into me like the vaccine, anaesthetic (a new one suitable for elderly cats), the antidote and penicillin.


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