Monday, December 11, 2006

France joins the global news service

We don't have cable or satellite (pay) television in my house, so we are deprived of global international news broadcasters.

When something major happens, a lot of the Australian television networks broadcast live feeds from CNN or BBC World.

Our great multilingual government-funded (but with some advertising) SBS rebroadcasts news bulletins from other global broadcasters like CCTV-4 (from China) and Deutsche Welle (from Germany).

Some of the independent satellite television companies also provide Al Jazeera (in Arabic, from Qatar).

The global news community has finally been joined by France with France 24. What took them so long?

Hopefully our SBS will now also show French international news instead of the news bulletins from France 2 which we occasionally watch, but honestly, farmer Jean Luc and his activities in his small village in southern France really isn't that interesting!

Viva la France!

*for The Ongoing Barks of a Well Read Dog, check out Shamus (who is continuing Cammie's legacy)


Today was hot. It was 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) and the inside of the house wasn't much cooler. I spent much of the day in my basket under the bed where it is dark and cool.

My human is rather surprised that I am quite hungry in this heat though.



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