Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the nipplegate affair

Two years ago during the 38th Superbowl halftime entertainment, Janet Jackson bared her breast during her duet with Justin Timberlake. He apologised for the wardrobe malfunction.

(I make no apology if this picture offends some readers. The question to ask is why you would be offended in the first place.)

Lots of people complained, and there was an investigation by the Federal Communications Commission.

You'd think that somebody had committed murder on stage. Actually, if that had actually happened, the reaction would probably not have been as great. In puritanical United States, it is okay to have a violent gun culture as long as there is no nudity involved.

You'd think all these people had never seen a woman's breast before! My goodness, if I had kittens (well I never did as I was neutered), I'd prefer them to watch people naked on TV than seeing a person's head being blown off.

In any case, the incident turned the United States into a laughing stock in Europe where the people have a more mature attitude to such things in general.

The American puritanical attitude is the cause of a lot of the problems they cite, and the more puritanical the solution that these puritans devise, the greater the problems become.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


It was so hot today. It got up to 37 degrees Celsius (99 degrees Fahrenheit). I was still hungry at dinner time though and ate all my raw chicken wing in one go (I did chew and crunch).

Today is the first of February. This means that I will be 16 years old (roughly) in four weeks time. That would be another milestone. Maybe we will get aircon before next summer in acknowledgement of my elderly status.


Blogger The chick said...

Whew - glad my new "art gallery" is not being promoted in the US - imagine nipple gate X 8!

Saturday, 04 February, 2006  
Blogger Keiser said...

What is in your "art gallery" chick?

Saturday, 04 February, 2006  

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