Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the cult of celebrity

Humans are so obsessed with celebrities. Much has been written about this cult of celebrity, in particular of those who are famous for being famous, without actually doing anything to deserve that fame. Oh look, Paris Hilton is in the media again... because she opened her mouth and said something stupid.

First there are the film and television actors (why are they called stars? maybe because the sun shines out of their...), then there are those who sing for a living - these are the worse of the lot. Some do deserve being spotlighted because they have acquired acknowledgements in the form of awards.

Then there are "super" models, who happen to be more famous than the usual run of the mill catwalk or photographic fashion models. Why? Why must we know their name?

Certain politicians by nature of their work, being in the media spotlight are kind of like celebrities. So are certain journalists, but they are always "award-winning" journalists rather than "celebrity" so they have earnt their fame by achieving.

Then there are "celebrity" chefs. Like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson because they have their own TV shows and their own cookbooks. Okay, there are millions of food preparation chefs in the world, but how many names do you know?

Certain sportspeople are called "elite" athletes. Maybe they are, but they are helped by endorsing products in advertising and getting overpaid for it.

Unfortunately, there are also "celebrity" hairdressers in Australia. I kid you not. Thankfully, they are a dying breed.

One that I do like is "French celebrity philosopher" (for example, Bernard-Henri Levy - haven't heard of him? Shame on you!). I think people with ideas deserve much more of our attention. We should begin a "celebrity" intellectual movement to acknowledge smart people.

A dog will always just be a dog, and a cat just a cat. Perhaps we should also start a "celebrity" dog and cat movement? We can begin by prefacing Lassie with "celebrity dog" Lassie.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


After that rant, I feel like writing blah blah blah. So I will. Blah blah blah.



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