Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where do cats go when they disappear?

According to William S. Leavengood and Michelle Lorrie Castro-Feulner, cats who disappear go to Cat Moon Do.

Four Cats lived happily in the Sea Green House with the woman who feeds them. Seven Toes, the old gray cat, had been rescued from the animal shelter on a sudden whim. Vanna White, the lazy bed-cat, had been bought at a fancy pet store in the new mall.

But one night, Seven Toes did not come back inside the Sea Green House.
Nor was he meowing at the door the next morning. His friends searched high and low, but Seven Toes was nowhere to be found...

And thence, commences the story of their journey to Cat Moon Do.

An except from Cat Moon Do

About Cat Moon Do

The pictures are very nice, and those humans have a wonderful imagination.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


Last night I had the best brush of my fur. The usual triple action - the wire brush, then the fine comb, and finally the knobbly gloves. The knobbly gloves took off a lot of my undercoat which tends to moult badly when it gets warmer, and redistributes all over furniture and clothes.

This afternoon, I got such a surprise. A visitor - it was the human who used to live here, coming to visit me! Woohoo! We had a nice chat.

When my human got home from work, he told me that on his way home, he saw a white cat walking on a lead with her human, through the little park. Then I smelt her on his hands. He patted her! Eeww! And how undignified to go for a walk just like a dog! That other cat's human told my human that Miss White Cat is only one year old (practically a kitten), and likes to walk around the block. Hmmmph!

But I did get corn-fed chicken wings (one and a half) for dinner. Yippee, I love those ones, they taste much nicer. Then I played with a lid ring and my tiny mouse toy with my human. Of course, I was humouring him, by making him chase me for it!



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