Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Turning Torso

No, it's not a human body part spun like a spinning top!

I enjoy writing about interesting looking buildings. Here is another really cool one.

A new multipurpose building (working, living, meeting) is being built in Malmö, called the Turning Torso.

Turning Torso

Malmö is a really interesting city in Sweden linked to Copenhagen, Denmark via the equally interesting Øresund Bridge. My human told me that the train ride is also really cool as it goes under a tunnel from Copenhagen's Kastrup airport and emerges out of the water of the Øresund (strait) onto a bridge. I told him he should have had a better look around Malmö, rather than just walking through the park from the train station, then going to lunch and shopping (Swedish crystal is fantastic, he told me).

Anyway, back to the story about the building. It is 54 floors and made up of nine 'cubes' which twist or turn around a 'pole'. Check out the link above for pictures. It is quite astounding, really.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.

**Camilla is moving house across state lines, and I hope she is not too stressed with the change to warmer weather in Florida.


It was so cold today. It was only 15 degrees Celsius and it was raining (as it has been the last few days), and it's nearly October!

Anyway, I had a good day. Cooked chicken for breakfast and dinner. Corn fed, no less. Oh, that's what happened to the rest of the chicken (from which I ate its raw wings a few days ago)!

I had a visitor tonight. Woohoo! Julie from Papua New Guinea, who is in Australia on government business (with my other human), came over for dinner. They had chicken, mushroom and asparagus risotto (using brown medium grain rice, not arborio - an interesting change to the texture).


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