Friday, August 19, 2005

Smokey the cat, and then a copycat

The East Oregonian reports that a Medford couple hopes to make a clone of their dead cat owner Smokey.

They wish to follow in the pawsteps of CopyCat, the first cloned kitten.

I have had discussions with some of my cat friends including Cooper and Madeline and we think cloning us is stupid.

We are unique and won't live forever. Making a clone of us will not bring us back after we are gone. Many deformed kittens will result during the process and the live "specimen" may not even resemble us.

While we are here in the care of humans, we should be cherished and loved, but after we are gone, they should allow us to live on in their hearts and memories not in an imitation.

Anyway, the very expensive fee could instead go a long way towards a shelter to help cats who need to be re-homed!

East Oregonian news item - Couple hopes beloved cat can be cloned.


I read and napped most of today. Just like yesterday evening, I greeted my human at the door when he came in. He seems to like that.

My human also told me that he bought the box set of Taken so we will be able to watch the rest of the episodes without needing to wait for the next three weeks. Woohoo!


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