Saturday, March 05, 2005

Music abuse!

After such aural pleasures yesterday, my senses have been assaulted. Today my human forced me to listen to Linkin Park. Can you believe it?

Linkin Park - Live in Texas CD/DVD cover

He told me I should not be so snobby about music, and that each genre/style has its merits (except of course, country and western which is repetitive and formulaic).

He said Numb and In the End are actually quite good songs.

Well, I guess people said that about ABBA in the seventies, and experts today agree that much of their music is quite complex and sophisticatedly written.

Thankfully after Elizabeth and Fritz arrived (see below), he put on some Bollywood (refer earlier entry), and Renee Fleming.


More visitors today! Elizabeth and Fritz from Melbourne arrived at 3pm today (they don't have any cats living with them). I was asleep in the night bed (where my human sleeps) and came out to the living room to see what all the ruckus was about. They have claimed my day bed (not that I have been sleeping on it lately as I have tended to nap on the couch listening to the radio during the day, but it is still my bed. In fact all the furniture is mine!).


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