Tuesday, January 23, 2007

happy birthday Milton Keynes

Today is Milton Keynes' birthday.

Milton Keynes is not a person but a large town 75km (45 miles) north-west of London.

It was designated as a new town on 23 January 1967 and developed to ease population congestion in London.

Still, Milton Keynes was not named after a person, but from a village originally known as "Middleton", which later shortened to "Milton". After the Norman invasion, the Cahaines family held the manor from 1166 to the late 13th century as well as others in the country (Ashton Keynes, Somerford Keynes, and Horsted Keynes). During this time the village became known as Middleton de Keynes eventually shortening to Milton Keynes.

- Wikipedia entry on Milton Keynes
- Milton Keynes Council

The Concrete Cows of Milton Keynes are famous

There was even a song called 'Come to Milton Keynes' by The Style Council.

My human told me that he's visited Milton Keynes a number of times. Not as exciting as London though.

*Don't forget to check out Shamus for The Ongoing Barks of a Well Read Dog (who is continuing Cammie's legacy)


Today was still warm. Emily came over tonight and it isn't even Wednesday. Woohoo! She came over with beer and for a beef vindaloo dinner. Of course I didn't eat any. It would upset my delicate stomach. I laid on her lap, but it was too hot to stay there for too long.



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