Friday, November 10, 2006

idiot of the week

There are two contenders for the idiot of the week.

24-year-old Belgian tourist Stefaan Vanthournout who was bitten by a crocodile on the leg when he tried to get its attention by wading into a creek and slapping the water with a stick. He ignored crocodile warning signs to get a photo.

Now the crocodile, called Allan, has to be removed from his home.

See - Sydney Morning Herald of 9 November 2006

22-year-old soldier in the UK, just returned from Iraq, who lit a firecracker from his butt, and is now in hospital.

See - The Times of 9 November 2006

I don't know which of the two are more stupid. Both stupid acts could have been fatal.

They must have wanted a Darwin Award.


I had a good day today. Not only did I eat some chicken this morning, but I also had some of my human's tinned salmon from his lunch.

I had a dirty bottom though while my human was at work so had to clean myself. When my human came home from work he wondered how I had moved my little piece of mat a metre and turned it upside down. Duh! I ran and tripped and flipped it.

Anyway, when he got back I smelt TWO dogs on him. Tessie (a Border Collie) who lives towards the end of the suburb and Zack (a black dog down the road). I can't believe that he talks to these dogs. My human told me that Tessie had a fur cut and looks like a puppy, even if she is 9 years old. And that Zack, he is just an overgrown puppy. Argh!

I ate chicken tonight again. I eat a cooked drumstick for dinner, with the meat sliced thinly off the bone. I think it is an improvement over how it used to be served.


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