Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dreamtime at Stonehenge

The sacred and very old Stonehenge recently hosted an Australian traditional indigenous dance troupe (Bardi dancers from north western Australia) who were performing at the Salisbury International Arts Festival.

This would have been an amazing sight - the world's oldest culture connecting to an ancient monument of the land whose people came to Australia and at one stage, attempted to exterminate them.

See - ABC (link to news item video)

My human visited Stonehenge (in 1993) and he told me it is a truly spectacular sight. He also enjoyed visiting the city of Bath nearby.

Now talking about football, my human told me that when he was transitting through Adelaide from Darwin (with a two hour layover) he saw a great football legend at the airline lounge (unfortunately, he played for another team, Hawthorn). Still, a legend is a legend and my human said hello to him.

Dermott Brereton (still has a wicked sense of humour)

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I've had a great week with Emily and enjoyed snuggles with her as it has been cold and wet. But I have missed my human (and the computer) and now making up for it by not leaving his lap. For once, he is taking dictation from me. Amazing how he can understand meow-speak when he chooses.

He told me he had a good visit to Darwin, even though he missed me (I should hope so) and will tell me all about it. More in my blog tomorrow.


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