Monday, January 16, 2006

something fishy

We love fish in our house, especially fresh fish. When my human has fish for dinner, he makes sure I am given my share.

This is usually Tasmanian farmed Atlantic salmon cutlets, which my human poaches and has in a salad.

We used to also have whole poached snapper when there were more fish eating humans around, and when my brother Fatty was still with us. He was such a fish cat. My human used to buy silver warehou fillets especially for him.

Snapper - delicious poached. Fatty knew when snapper was for dinner. He was caught hopping up on the kitchen bench for more!

Anyway, the status of fish in Australia is in crisis.

This is due to overfishing, and most of our lovely fresh ocean catch is actually exported due to global demand for premium quality fish.

In return, we import most of our seafood including frozen cod from South Africa and more recently basa fillets from Asia.

Basa fillets are actually farmed Mekong River Catfish from Vietnam. If that was labelled at sale, nobody would buy it, but they do because it is cheap (about one-third the price of local ocean species), and now the main fish in our 'fish and chips'.

Fish substitution has also been a problem, with cheap imported fillets miss-labeled as a fancier one. Obviously many human fish eaters can't tell the difference. Fortunately, I have trained my human to have a much more discerning taste!

I have told my human that we should still eat fish, but stick with the good fresh local stuff, even if it is not as often.

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


It poured with rain today and it was so loud. Consequently my human came home from work earlier as Malgosia gave him a ride home (just as well as at 5.30pm on the dot when my human usually leaves work, the heavy rain came again). I had a good meow-chat to Malgosia and thanked her for all the nice things she has given me.

I had some raw corn-fed chicken wing for dinner then a nap with my human on the couch. When he woke up an hour later, I tricked him into giving me another dinner, but this time it was cooked chicken. Woohoo!


Blogger Honeysuckle said...

mmmm . . . silver warhou fillets . . .

Friday, 20 January, 2006  
Blogger Keiser said...

hey honeysuckle - have you eaten any lately? it used to be cheap...

Saturday, 21 January, 2006  

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