Saturday, November 26, 2005

a superhero returns

I am quite excited by the prospect of the new upcoming Superman movie, Superman Returns. My human and I love superheroes.

The thing is, I thought Superman was already here.

First he was here in the 1950s (George Reeves), then he came back in 1978 for a couple of years (Christopher Reeves).

Then he appeared on TV in Lois and Clark from 1993 to 1997 (Dean Cain), and more recently at Smallville since 2001 (Tom Welling).

Now he comes back in Superman Returns in mid 2006 (Brandon Routh).

That would make two Supermans at the same time. Who is the imposter?

LINK - Superman Returns (trailer)

Clark Kent (Tom Welling)

Superman (Brandon Routh)

Now which one of these Supermans will pass, or rather fail, the Kryptonite test? Could it be possible that they are both Superman?

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


There was a huge thunderstorm last night. My human must have got frightened as he woke me up in the middle of the night and thought I wanted a cuddle.

I managed to go outside for a few minutes this morning while the washing was hung out, but they didn't stay on the line on account of the impending rain.

My human then went out for a few hours, but when he came back we had a nice nap together on the couch. Later on we watched Sideways.


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