Thursday, November 24, 2005

school photographs

Oh, I am in big trouble again. My human read my last few posts and told me that I should be nicer to my American friends and not to generalise. Just because I was angry about the news article mentioned yesterday (about the young boy in Nepal meditating), or didn't agree with the US government position on the UNESCO declaration on cultural expression, I shouldn't be unpleasant.

He told me that his friends in the US are very smart and would not take too kindly to being lumped together with other stupid people.

My human is right (this time), I hope I did not upset my clever kitty friends on Catster.

To make up for my harsh tone, I will tell everybody about a great database website which has collected many scanned school photographs since 1926 from all over the world.

If your human missed out on getting their school class photo for any particular year, they can do a search. There are also extra photos filed under names. So who knows, one of your human's friends may have provided a scanned photo to the database of them together.

If your human has all their school class photos, they may also submit their school class photo (but they may want to do a search in case the site already has it).

*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


The weather was a bit cooler today again. There was a little bit of rain. This morning I had some ham for breakfast. Then I napped for most of the day on the couch listening to ABC Newsradio.


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