Thursday, March 24, 2005

Football - round 1, my team WINS!

You would think that all cats would support a football or any sporting team called Cats. Yes, of the feline variety!

But no, I am not allowed to be a supporter of Geelong Football Club (Geelong Cats). Thankfully my human friends in Melbourne, Elizabeth and Fritz who have visited me a few times, are Cats supporters. Meow!

Instead, I assist my human to support his team, the Brisbane Lions Australian Football Club. You'd think he was the boss around here wouldn't you?

Brisbane played St Kilda tonight and defeated them. Off to a good start. These are the stats.
BRISBANE LIONS: 4.1, 10.5, 14.5, 18.8 (116)
ST KILDA: 2.4, 6.6, 12.11, 13.15 (93)
GOALS – Brisbane Lions: Brennan 4, Bradshaw 2, Keating 2, Akermanis 2, McGrath 2, Pike 2, Copeland, Voss, Lappin, Adcock
St Kilda: Riewoldt 3, Milne 3, Hamill 2, Harvey 2, Fiora, Ball, Thompson
BEST – Brisbane Lions: Johnson, Voss, Power, Leppitsch, Macdonald, Brennan
St Kilda:Dal Santo, Hamill, Ackland, Ball, Thompson, Harvey
INJURIES – Brisbane Lions: Johnson (thigh/two teeth out), Brennan (leg), Lappin (ankle) St Kilda: Riewoldt (shoulder)
CHANGES – St Kilda: Peckett replaced in selected side by Fisher
UMPIRES - McBurney, McLaren, Ryan
CROWD - 33,369 at the Gabba

Brisbane Lions came into being in 1996 after the Brisbane Bears (which began in 1987) merged with the Fitzroy Lions (a Melbourne team since 1883). Naturally as Brisbane is the birth town of my human, he has supported them since 1987 (like he has a choice).

Prior to the Brisbane team's existence, my human supported another great Melbourne team called the Essendon Football Club (the Bombers). He still does.

When Brisbane plays against Essendon, my human goes out of his mind!

To my American readers, I should explain that Australian rules football is a unique game which is almost a variation of Gaelic football. The game is too difficult to explain in 20 words or less and I will not even attempt it (after all I am a little cat). You can find out more from the Australian Football League official site.

You can find teams in the US in cities like San Diego, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, Denver, New York etc. Indeed, the game is gaining popularity in the USA. You can find out more from the United States Australian Rules Football League.

There is a new photo of me above with my Lions scarf, team football and a mini Sherrin. These are usually made with pigskin, but mine is plastic.

Even though I am not allowed to support the Cats, the Lions are just bigger cats in any case, wouldn't you agree?


I tried to get my human to stay home today by hopping straight back to bed after I finished breakfast. But he left me anyway.

When he came home from work and fed me dinner, he disappeared again. A few hours later he came back with Jake's humans - Amanda, Craig and Dane. Jake is a ten year old ginger (who does not have a page on Catster yet). I was fussed by them (so nice) and showed them what I could do with a ping pong ball.


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