Saturday, January 06, 2007

the £7m tidy desk plan

From UK Newcastle's The Journal:
The Government was last night accused of spending more than £7m of taxpayers' money on consultants to tell North-East civil servants how to tidy their desks.

Workers at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs at the Longbenton complex, in North Tyneside, are having their desks marked with tape to indicate where their office equipment should be placed.

The exercise, which involves markers for items including computer keyboards, telephones and stationery, is designed to improve efficiency by making desks neater.

However, one worker last night described the system, being implemented by logistics company Unipart, as "demeaning".

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Uniformity is one thing and needed in maintaining records such as files and databases, and in best practice processes. A person's work area on the other paw would vary from one another depending on an individual's working style.

Such an idea is too Sir Humphrey Appleby (Yes Minister) to be serious.

Minister Jim Hacker: "So how much did we save on efficiency from the tidy desk policy?"
Cabinet Secretary Bernard Woolley: "Minister, we estimate the savings to be £100 annually"
Minister Jim Hacker: "And how much did we spend on the policy?"
Cabinet Secretary Bernard Woolley: "Err, £7 million actually"

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