Friday, October 28, 2005

cats love cheese, fromage, formaggio, queso, Käse...

I love cheese no matter what it is called in any language. As cats are lactose intolerant, it is the only dairy food that I am allowed, and then only a small piece the size of my paw (as a treat now and again).

I like hard cheese like Cheddar and don't mind if it is matured. I also like Edam and Jarlsberg.

Five years ago when the back door was being bricked up (to be replaced by French doors elsewhere), I managed to climb up from the area still to be bricked into the ceiling cavity. I had much fun exploring this new place while my humans were freaking out that I'd fall into a wall cavity (little did they know then about building construction).

Anyway, from the personhole in the ceiling, I was coaxed out with a piece of cheese. As the cavity was lined with insulation (possibly made of fibreglass) I was forced to undergo water torture before I had a chance to lick the insulation dust off. Needless to say, I was furious and in revenge, I lifted my tail and did a wee against the new wall (on the inside) where the door used to be.

Back to the story... My human likes not only hard cheese (and prefers Cheddar matured), but semi-hard and soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert. He even likes stinky mouldy cheese (that are made that way).

Cheese lovers in Australia have been totally excited that a ban on importing French Roquefort has recently been lifted. Normally, cheese made from unpasteurised milk are forbidden from import. Roquefort is the only exception.

Unfortunately, because of demand and interest, and shipments being airfreighted, Roquefort is selling at around A$70-$90 a kilogram.

And Sydney, being the type of foodie place that it is, sales are going out the door. See Rocking for roquefort from Daily Telegraph newspaper.

As I don't like stinky mouldy cheese, I have to rely on my human's descriptions. He reckons that Roquefort is not much different in taste to Gorgonzola which is a much nicer cheese although softer.

Anyway, my human likes Cobb Salad (a famous American salad 'invented' at the old Brown Derby restaurant in LA) and a key ingredient is Roquefort cheese. He told me he first tried Cobb Salad at the cafe in the San Francisco Public Library (which is a grand building) and the salad is now one of his favourites.

Other links:
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Amendment 81 to the Food Standards Code 23) from Food Standards Australia New Zealand
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*As always, please check out Cooper and Camilla who always have interesting things to say.


I forgot to mention yesterday that after the electricians left, I got to go outside to nibble on some grass while my human collected some snails (from the outside of pot plants etc) to give to the duck egg lady at work to give to her ducks.

This morning, I had some ham for breakfast. Even though a piece was put down for me, I left it. Instead I preferred the pieces that my human was hand feeding me. I have him well trained!

I'm glad it's Friday. The weekend means lots of lap time.


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